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  • Foil miscrits.

    I don't know why, but I don't get what makes Foil crits so special in Gold Packs as they are just more powerful remakes of normal crits.

    *So I will put my rating and comments next to each Foil crit to try to help anyone who doesn't know about his/her Foil's potential.

    Foil Pangoleaf 10/10
    "A mighty tank ready to sleep/confuse any opponent with negate element and probably the most powerful final attack there is."

    Foil Duerus 9.5/10
    "An awesome sniper with "complete confusion" and a good DOT move and a healing move as well ! The only drawback is it's final attack not doing a lot of damage."

    Foil Waddles 9/10
    "A powerful tank with nice stats and equipped with sleep+confuse and debilitate to lower foes defenses and a massive final attack! Only needs a negate element to get a higher rating."

    Foil Rockodile 8/10
    "Not the best, but a 34 AP 95% final attack and a negate element makes this crit very useful at certain situations. Not to mention good stats."

    Foil Kelpa 8/10
    "A 42 AP final attack and several other good skills like pollen make it a beast! But it has many random stats which are risky so it isn't very reliable."

    Foil Podo 8.6/10
    "A powerful counter for physical attackers due to high PD, it could also strike confuse and negate his element, and with no risky random stats, however he has moderate elemental defense and that isn't very good in arenas."

    Foil Fossilia 7.7/10
    "This crit has stats similar to that of the exclusive miscrit Rudy!! But what it lacks is a proper skill set, a final [elemental] attack doesn't help at all, though he has a useful negate element."

    Foil Flutterpat 8.3/10
    "A final attack with a very high hitting ratio along with confuse and intimidation make this a pretty good crit, a problem is the stats which aren't that good since random defenses can't always be trusted."

    Foil thundercracker 8.1/10
    "Much better stats than before, but still no negate element given, neither does it have a massive final attack. However, it can confuse plus it has [high focus] skill to counter bright lights spammers and increase confuse chance!"

    Foil Kiloray 7.6/10
    "It doesn't have any elite stats like it's dark or grim version, but still a healing final attack along with confuse and negate make it pretty helpful."

    Foil Crabbles 7.3/10
    "This crit is good, but kinda disappointing, although it has firewater and good stats to help, a final [elemental] attack is surely the last thing it needs."

    Foil Liquifen 8.5/10
    "A better sniper than before, with a good healing final attack and unbreakable combination makes this crit a good support in the arenas."

    Foil Pamboo 8.6/10
    "It has a massive final attack along with confuse and hyper power and with better stats than before and negate element... but not much of a decent skill set to take with it to the arenas."

    Foil Opigum 9/10
    "It's final attack has a great chance to confuse with no immunity, and it has negate element and a skill that gives +15 both defenses! Sadly it's stats didn't change from it's normal counterpart."

    Foil Flinty 8.6/10
    "Better stats and a negate element along with unbreakable is a neat combination, but it's final attack didn't get much of a boost along with rest of skills."

    Foil Pollifog 8.2/10
    "Nice skill set, with deep sleep and a massive final attack added by sludge to increase damage done. But not very good stats to help support the skill set."

    All of these rating are based on how they do in the battle arena, not on whether I like them or not.

    I don't give any miscrit a rating less than 7, all of them are good, but some are better than each other.

    But Foil Waddles will always be my favorite Foil miscrit, no matter what. :P
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    hmm .. nixe
    Silence Speaks!


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      Thanks, I hope this is helpful.

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    i got the foil pango frm prvs gold pack :P
    dnt hv any other
    want other gold pack :P


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      Why would you want another Foil crit when you got the most powerful Foil crit there is?